About Me

My interest in space began in the 1960s. I grew up watching the space race between the United States and the Soviet Union. Seeing the Moon landing live is still a lifetime highlight for me.

I started out as a project clerk in the consulting engineering field, working on a number of projects for Imperial Oil.

After getting my Diploma in Records and Information Management (RIM) at Seneca College in Toronto, I worked in the records management field on RIM and archival projects. Doing documentation for these projects made me realize that I wanted to write full time.

I went to Humber College in Toronto and got a Certificate in Technical and Scientific Communications. I worked in the software industry for a company that made back-office software for the mutual fund industry. My job was to make complex technical information understandable to front-line workers.

Looking to improve my understanding of the writing process, I earned a Certificate in Editing from George Brown College in Toronto.

I was with the Canadian Space Society (CSS) for 5 years, starting as a writer and editor for the Society's quarterly magazine, The Canadian Space Gazette.

For the last 3 years at the CSS I was Editor-in-Chief. I continue to put out a newsletter for the CSS called The Gazette Weekly that keeps readers up-to-date with news about Canadian and world space developments.

I'm now a contract writer specializing in business writing and editing.

My interests, besides aerospace, are open source software and emerging technologies. I was an early adopter of the Linux operating system. I've been working with Linux and open source software since 1998.

And just to show I'm not only about business and technology, I have a Diploma in Music from Humber College in Toronto with a major in arranging and composition. I got that in my younger days, before I got "serious and business-like."